This is Bespin Global Cloud Technical Support Team.

We would like to inform you about how to request cloud technical support through our customer support portal.

❗ In some cases, our team may request an IAM Role for AWS Support.

You can find the creation manual and AWS Case open notes in the link below.

IAM Role Creation Manual for AWS Support

AWS Case open Precautions

1. Problems/Technical Inquiries (Tech)

  • After logging in, click New Ticket in the upper right corner.

  • Fill in [Submit] and [Requestor] according to the ticket submission form.

    Under Service, select the item you want and set the emergency level for your inquiry


        (Ex. Service: AWS -> EC2, Emergency: Low)

  • In the Description column below, enter the details of the inquiry you want.

    When you are done, press Submit to submit your request.

  • Fill in the information below and submit it for a faster response.

    -> AWS account ID, RI ID, region, screenshot, payment, purchase history, etc.

AWS Account ID

  • Issue Start/End Time
  • region
  • resource ID
  • Issue status (whether the issue continues, has been resolved, has been resolved and reoccurred)
  • detailed description of the situation

    -> If you have difficulty explaining in writing, it would be better if you could draw it in the form of a picture and attach it.

    -> In some cases, you can understand the contents through Outbound Call. If you need a detailed explanation, you can ask for a phone number.

calling number of Bespin Global Customer Support Center

 : 00682220236532

  • It can be displayed as an international call. However, it is sent domestically, so you can receive it with confidence. (We utilize AWS Connect service)